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Opulent Designer Wedding Style Shoot – Part 4

Opulent Designer Wedding Style Shoot – Part 4

London Wedding Planner

Opulent Designer Wedding Style Shoot

“We have been sharing this fantastic style shoot over the past few weeks as it was such an inspiration and such a brilliant infusion of wedding professionals that this couldn’t all be showcased in the one article. So stay tuned, keep checking in with us and we hope you enjoy our work. Big Hugs – Shola” 

I chose these particular suppliers for this shoot because I believe wholeheartedly in their vibrant presence in the wedding world, and being creative in their specialist field. I discussed my ideas and inspiration for the shoot with them via my Pinterest pin board, and let them run with the idea from there.

A wedding or an event for that matter is a styled shoot only on a much larger scale. You simply take that table scape and idea and repeat it 20 times over. You make 150 name cards instead of 20… With this, things like spending capacity, budget, time to spare on the planning, and the couple’s personal choices of style certainly come into play.


My biggest desire when designing and creating a wedding is to wholeheartedly understand the style of the couple I am working with, and bringing that to life through the channelling of a wedding. I need for their guests to leave the wedding wanting more and feeling like it was a true reflection of the new couple, even better if they leave feeling like they were a part of an important part of the couple’s declaration of love and knowing that couple on a deeper level.

Really, my job is to create a unique experience through choice of decor, logistical planning and the desired effect of the theme. In a styled shoot, I am creating an honest personal visual experience for my readers. At an event, I am creating a tangible live experience for the guests. These both involve particular attention to detail, the willingness to think and be creative outside of the box and the strongest wish to surprise and impress the bride and groom.