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Luxury Event and Party Planning

Luxury Event and Party Planning


What is the most valuable resource for any company?

The employees.

People are what separates a successful company, from ones unable to adapt to changing times or execute to reach ambitious goals.

Corporate events are one of the most important forums for businesses because it provides a great opportunity to present the best ideas from within a company to management and other departments. As an event planner, it is our job to design inspiring and innovative corporate events that bring these great ideas to life.

Gather Goals From Key Stakeholders

In order to plan an awesome corporate event,  we initially have a meeting so we can understand the key drivers and what the stakeholders are expecting to get out of the event. We schedule appropriate meeting times to sit one-on-one with the most influential voices associated with the company before we get into the nitty-gritty of planning.

We create a list of the key deliverables each stakeholder expects to see from this corporate event, and refer to it throughout the event planning process.

Whether you are looking to plan a private family celebration, a birthday party, Christening, anniversary or Christmas Party, we will take away the stress and strain which usually follow when the idea of a party is muted and is often the notion which comes with planning a wonderful event. We will be with you every step of the way, creating an unforgettable party and allowing you to relax and enjoy a fabulous party at home, in a marquee or at the perfect venue for you.

We ensure that we are able to establish a company-wide “vision” or “purpose” for the function.

Once we understand what key stakeholders expect from us, the corporate event we will be planning can then use our inside information to ensure such things like

Venue security,

Use our up to date event management software,

Find the perfect event speakers for your day.

Your event will be   from beginning to end and we will provide you with best ideas for your company with impeccable behind the scenes planning and creativity as well as full event management on the day itself. We supply the support staff and the attention to detail.