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Destination Proposal Ideas

Top 5 Destination Proposal Ideas Destination proposals are a great, romantic and memorable way to propose. What can be better than a vacation and a proposal? Here are 5 of the best destinations and locations to propose at for your perfect getaway proposal. Paris, France. Planning a proposal in what is famously known as the city of love. Paris is one of the most romantic places on earth so why wouldn’t you go there for your Paris proposal?   5 of the best places to propose in Paris, could be:- 1.Place Du Trocadéro. The Trocadéro is simply the best choice if you’re looking for a seamless view of the Eiffel Tower view. This spot is opposite the tower and filled with gardens, fountains and sculptures. The mornings are best as it is a very popular tourist spot in Paris and you want some degree of privacy for your proposal. The tower in the background gives such a perfect picture scenario.   2.The Louvre Courtyard is another stunning Paris proposal idea. This museum used to actually be a castle but now is a historic and art filled landmark in Paris. The courtyard is filled with stunning glass pyramids. This is a great simple proposal idea and can really catch your partner off guard for a perfect surprise. 3. Pont des Arts is just another beautiful venue for a different kind Paris proposal location. This famous bridge in Paris is known as the love bridge and still has love locks on it to this day. This is a stunning romantic spot to propose in the city of love because Paris is always a good idea. 4. Seine River Bank. This amazing location is ideal for the surprise proposal with massive ‘ Marry Me’ letters in the background. You will have both, the river and the Eiffel Tower views in one shot. It shows everyone that you proposed in Paris. 5. Private Rooftop Proposal. If you looking for a more intimate choice, the Peninsula Hotel has one of the most picturesque rooftops in the city. It is a perfect proposal location – also with the direct view of the Eiffel Tower.   Marrakech, Morocco If you looking for a unique destination proposal, Marrakech will be a perfect city for you. Founded almost 100 years ago, this gorgeous city is full of mosques, palaces, and gardens, which makes it ideal for a surprise engagement. The best proposal ideas in Marrakech will be. Jardín Majorelle.  This place looks like a dream, a botanical garden, and the museum, the Garden Majorelle is a perfect location for a surprise marriage proposal. The gardens are a popular tourist destination, so try to come early in the morning to propose in private. The Atlas Mountains. Just an hour away from the busy city you can see completely different scenery, the day getaway at the Atlas Mountains is a perfect proposal idea for active couples. You can propose on a hike, overlooking a stunning view of the mountains. Or rent a room at the local resort and propose in the comfort of your room but also with the memorising views. Hot air balloon trip. This proposal experience will stay with you and your partner forever. Just imagine driving to the desert at the crack of dawn and getting on the hot air balloon flight, proposing in the air, and later celebrating your new engagement over a delicious Berber lunch at the luxury tent. This day will stay in your memories forever.  ‘Cactus Thiemann’ farm. If you looking for a unique proposal location in Marrakech, this giant cactus farm is all you can dream of. This is the largest cactus plantation in Africa and its features fields of giant aloe, agave, and prickly pear. This hidden farm is ideal for a unique destination proposal. If you looking for something more intimate and personal, a romantic dinner for two on the private rooftop would be a great choice. La Table de La Sultana is offering a private rooftop of the Riad Saadia with a chamber music recital.  This romantic dinner proposal would be a great surprise for your partner. Venice, Italy. Another super romantic and charming destination is Italy. Venice is a great proposal idea because it’s another city of love with its beautiful canals and stunning sunsets topped off with impressive architecture. Best proposal ideas in Venice will be:   A gondola ride is a perfect Venice proposal idea especially during sunset. You can propose on your private ride and then enjoy all the views and sights of Venice. If a gondola ride isn’t your thing you can propose at the Ponte di Rialto which is a romantic arch bridge that is overlooking the waterfront and all the canals as they pass by. This location also gives you a stunning proposal picture opportunity. Another Venice proposal idea is St. Mark’s Square. This plaza and its architecture are beautiful and it’s a great surprise proposal idea because your partner will have no idea what you are up to as you are strolling around the plaza. Venice Italy provides romance, charm and history for your Venice proposal! Burano Island. If you looking for a colorful location, this island will be perfect for you. Known for its rainbow buildings, this location still is rather quiet and more intimate for a surprise proposal. Libreria Acqua Alta. If you are a book-loving couple, this bookstore will be ideal location for a surprise marriage proposal. All rooms are stacked wall-to-wall with books and those picturesque piles are mesmerizing. Come early before the tourist rush and propose in one of the rooms. Santorini, Greece. Santorini is a picturesque city that looks like a dream which is why it’s a perfect proposal location. The best proposal ideas in Santorini will be: A great Santorini proposal idea is the Heart Shaped Rock in Megalochori Village. This is a perfect spot for your engagement photos and a truly memorable one as well! This volcanic rock is on the way to Plaka’s […]

10 Top Tips for an Asian Wedding

Asian Wedding Ideas – Top 10 tips & ideas Planning an Asian wedding can prove to be quite a difficult task. Asian weddings are Multicultural and rich full of traditions which can be a little worrying, but don’t be worried; we have top tips and ideas for you to keep in mind whilst you are wedding planning. First of all, you just need to get yourself a great wedding planning company to help you with your plans and ideas. It’s so much easier. But anyway – let’s go! Below, we’ve rounded up 10 ideas mixed with tips which we consider crucial to the perfect Asian wedding:   1. Know Your Needs Discuss with your family and more importantly your fiance what kind of wedding you want? what traditions would you like the most, what is your culture, and what theme would you like to have? You may wish to Involve both sets of parents and elders in this matter as they are often very happy to be involved in this part and will have lots of ideas and suggestions – sometimes too many ideas and suggestions. It does help you with understanding the procedures and what your wedding will look like and it helps to narrows down the possibilities of the various unexpected situations which you may come across. 2. Traditions Are Important – if that’s what you want. There are various locations to celebrate a wedding. The option for religious weddings may be in a Mosque, Church or temple. Or you may want to opt for a more luxurious location, venue and or hall. It’s important for you to know about the traditions that follow in your chosen location and what is not allowed as it will cut down the chances of any disruption. or your wedding being interrupted during the ceremony – for example during the ‘fire ceremony’ if a venue does not allow open flames in the building. If you are following some special wedding rituals on that occasion then ensure your guests are aware as it helps them in understanding what is going on which will ultimately draw more attention and participation. 3. Invitation Cards We can say that this is the purest Asian tradition to summon your family and friends through beautiful sometimes handcrafted invitation cards. Some traditions never get old, and arguably this is one of them; and a very significant part of any Asian wedding. We will always say you should have ‘your wedding, your way’, so wither you are looking for a vibrant colourful wedding Invitation / Pre-Wedding Card or a simple, elegant one, you get to choose this. 4. Customise Your Events Once you have decided what type of wedding you wish to go for. You may opt for separate functions over several days or a quick wedding? it depends on you, your family and spouse after discussions, and it will also depend on your finances and budgets. Make this decision as early as possible to reduce any additional stress and delays. Take advice from your wedding planner and listen to their advice. It is also a good idea to have a checklist of tasks to be done. Your wedding planner will have this on tap, and you will be guided through this. 5. Decorations A simple but eye-catching decorated venue will enhance and beautify your ceremony. Most of the Asian weddings decorations are flower-based Lots of florals everywhere. Bright coloured vibrant florals. Flowers make the wedding more charming and will set off any venue to perfection. Select a unique flower colour scheme according to your taste. Flowers are also a symbol of love and beauty. on any language. 6. Exciting Cultural Menu Decide on your menu. This could make or break your wedding (according to guests). if you get this wrong as guests will often weigh up how great a wedding is – depending on the menu, the taste of the food snd if there was enough food to go round. Cultural Asian dishes are perfect for an Asian wedding as it resonates with most guests who share the same culture and it is exciting to those from other cultural backgrounds. Ensure there are different cuisines being served to your guests and don’t forget to add in refreshing fresh drinks and dessert. 7. Groom Yourself When we talk about Asian weddings the first thing that comes to mind is tradition/culture. The Mehndi Ceremony is a truly glamorous part of the wedding ceremony which many Asian brides (and grooms) enjoy. So if this is your wish, make sure you ENJOY planning and prepping for your Mehndi event or Pre-wedding event. Ladies will enjoy dressing up, getting pampered and getting full makeup glam. The men will also dress up, get pampered, trimmed, and smartened.  8. Photography Session Photographers and videographers allow you to have memorable proof of the events of your wedding for your big day; so, make sure you have the best you can afford and make sure you see their previous work before you book them. Your wedding planner will have a tried and tested list of professionals who they can recommend to you. They are key to your people weddings. Cinematic photography captures moments of your wedding which gives great memories. The photographer could also offer you a separate photoshoot, which you should go for, to have those special pics to remember (or frame) for a lifetime. Many photographers will offer a pre-wedding shoot as a bonus, so they will have an idea of what the couple like and work out areas for the photos.  9. Make Sure You Have Lots of Fun Make sure you make time to enjoy your special day as this is a momentous time in your lives. Nasheeds, traditional music, speciality DJs, spiritual activities, and dance are only a few things which will happen for couples celebrating their weddings. You decide what fits you, your culture and your religion. involve your guests in this activity and provide them with opportunities of enjoying your […]

10 Nigerian Wedding Traditions & Customs

10 Nigerian Wedding Traditions & Customs We Love! Nigerian wedding traditions and customs are colourful & festive, and always, always filled to the brim with loud enthusiastic music, singing, an array of food in many varieties, and large group dancing! Shola Ade of Designer Wedding Planner Weddings and Events in London shares what she learned when planning a Nigerian wedding for their Nigerian clients. If you’re planning a Nigerian wedding or a wedding that contains Nigerian elements, here are ten wedding traditions and customs you really do need to know: Dowry  Before the ceremony can begin, the bride and her family will typically provide the groom and his family with a list of dowry requirements. In other words, the groom and his family are required to provide the bride and her family with all the items on the list before the engagement can be official. The dowry can contain anything from fruit, candy, and clothes to a new car. If the groom is unable to provide these items, the engagement really cannot proceed. Items Requested By The Bride’s Family: Some of the items demanded by the bride’s family include; bag(s) of sugar, bag(s) of rice, alligator pepper, balls of bitter kola, a bag of salt, kola nuts. Non-edible items will also include a brand new much prized Bible and may also include expensive materials like lace, several pairs of shoes, wristwatch, a gold engagement ring and head tie. Everything is so well presented and displayed for everyone to see and Double Ceremonies Most Nigerian couples or Nigerian fusion weddings will have two wedding ceremonies – the first is cultural and contains most of the traditional Nigerian elements. The second is typically a religious ceremony or the ‘White Wedding’. Each ceremony is preceded over by a separate officiant. No Guest List Traditionally, Nigerian weddings will not have a guest list. The entire community is welcome and an abundance of food and drink is available in case you end up with your entire community in attendance. Quite often, if you hear that a distant person who you may know their parents are getting married, you will feel that it would be rude not to attend the wedding and spread the love. When next a friend invites you to a Yoruba wedding, make yourself available because a lot of people even attend un-invited due to the food, fun and music. The Alaga An Alaga, traditionally a woman, is a Nigerian wedding ceremony officiant, or emcee, whose job is to heckle the groom and his friends as entertainment for the wedding guests. It’s a pure delight to watch in really good Alaga in action. Weaved with loud singing, chanting, dancing, music, and lots of laughter, the Alaga creates a live theatre of the wedding ceremony traditions that keep people completely engaged during the hour-long ceremony. The Bride: The bride is then heralded into the venue of the ceremony followed by her friends, all dressed in traditional attires like Buba ati Iro, which is the blouse and long skirt, as they join her in a boisterous dance down the hall. The bride also goes through a few protocols but money is only given to her and not taken from her as in the case of the groom. She is introduced to the groom’s family before she takes her place beside the groom. At this stage, they may consider themselves married. The wife displays some wifely traits by feeding the groom. If you would like to contact us to support you with your Nigerian Traditional Wedding. The Gele Nigerian brides wear a traditional, ornate headpiece called a Gele. The bridesmaids and families also follow suit and wear a Gele to honour the cultural traditions of the day. The wedding party typically sources their attire, including the Gele (for the ladies) and Fila (for the groom) from a seamstress who makes everything custom to coordinate. Aso-Ebi  Aso-Ebi directly translates to “family clothes”. Nigerian couples choose what their guests wear by assigning a colour for the bride’s family and a separate colour for the groom’s family. At the wedding, the couple asked the bride’s family to wear pink and the groom’s family to wear white. The main family will also have their colours chosen and often both sets of parents will wear the same material and the same colour to show the unity and happiness of the couple coming together. No Yoruba wedding happens without Aso-Ebi where family and friends wearing designated, uniform colourful attires. This part is actually what lots of brides, their mothers and her friends look forward to. Proposal and Acceptance  In advance of the wedding, a Nigerian groom is required to write a letter of intent to the bride’s parents. This letter is symbolic of a proposal and is presented to the bride’s family. The letter is typically read aloud by a member of the bride’s family, after which, acceptance is given to the groom on behalf of the bride’s family. The letter if often framed and in an ornate presentation. It is a keepsake and it is read out loud to the gathered guests as it sets out the request of the groom to find himself his heart’s desire and marry his chosen bride. Prostration During the ceremony, it is essential for the groom to prostrate. The groom, typically along with his groomsmen, will lay flat on the ground with their faces down at the feet of the bride’s family. This is symbolic of the groom honouring the bride’s family for raising his future wife to the stage where she is able to marry. Throughout the ceremony, the groom has to earn the love and honour of the bride’s family and this is one way he does it. The groom and groomsmen also prostrate at the feet of the groom’s parents as a sign of respect. It really is a show and a great occasion to be present at. Wedding Cake During a cultural Nigerian wedding ceremony, the bride and groom cut a […]

What to Expect From a Wedding Planner

What to Expect From a Wedding Planner Responsibilities, Services, and Pitfalls to Avoid Written by Shola Ade  03/10/2020 On a basic level, wedding planners—also known as coordinators and event planners—will simply help you organize your big day. But what they actually do can vary in a major way. The Role of Wedding Planners Typically, wedding planners start by meeting with the couple to: Understand the events—not just the planning of the whole wedding day itself, but also the rehearsal dinner, bridesmaids roles and responsibilities, day-after brunches, and any other related events. Review the overall budget Understand the style, colours, vibe, and taste of the couple Discuss progress to date The planner then proposes the help needed and presents the couple with a contract for wedding planning services. Probably the services will be a combination of duties, depending on your needs and budget. Here are the most common roles and services which the wedding planner may offer the couple. Organizational Queens Now that you are newly engaged, you’re probably starting by thinking that this whole planning business is a doddle and so easy to do – I mean – who needs anyone to help? right? … wrong! The whole process includes many, many details that require you to be organized, with the ability to stick to a specific budget, and strength to stay on schedule. So even if you are a well-organized person, you’ll want to ensure that your wedding planner is not only on top of things but that they’ll help you stay on top of things and make those final decisions on your behalf that will take the stress from you as a couple.   Your planner will help you: Give you a 12-month wedding planning timeline so you know what  needs to be done as the months count down to the big day Create and review vendor contracts Organize your wedding day timeline Coordinate vendor arrivals and deliveries with your venues Prevent expensive mistakes such as rush shipping charges or unnecessary changes Remind you of obligations, appointments, and budget constraints Style Mavens If you’ve been pouring through all the delightful bridal magazines, and you are worried that you don’t have the eye to bring about all the brilliant designs and creativity you see and don’t feel you have the aesthetic eye to pull it off, you should engage the services of a wedding planner who is a designer as well, a person who has that creative eye, who can design the look which will work for you. A planner can: Give your ideas, and explore the current trends with you Help pull together any disjointed elements, and create a unified “look” See and add details you might have missed Coordinate the decor, florist, caterer, printers, invitation companies, graphic designers, and any other aesthetic vendors Help you choose bridesmaid dresses and other wedding party attire, your bridal gown, and/or groom’s wear Find coordinating and stylish favours Design your tables, lighting, and other visual details. Peace Makers Many couples simply do not get on with their relatives on a general basis but feel that they must invite them to their nuptials. If you’re constantly arguing with your parents, or with each other, wedding planners can use their negotiating skills to create peace. Whether it’s talking to the mother-of-the-groom about the blood-red dress she wants to wear, helping to mediate budget disagreements, or saving you from etiquette faux pars. Wedding planners can be really invaluable in managing family dynamics. Vendor Resources Experienced wedding planners have contacts in the business, so they may be able to find you that reception venue with the perfect view or the one caterer who will work with small budgets. They may also be able to pull in favours to get discounts or freebies. They have been in the business far longer than you and will have a diary of their ‘go-to’ suppliers and professionals who will be able to give them preferential prices which they may not give you as a couple. Day-of-Wedding Coordinators On your wedding day, you’re going to be pulled in a million directions. Old friends will want to say hello, you’ll want to relax and get ready, and people will be asking you far too many questions. And that’s just before the ceremony starts. Wedding planners can help you avoid chaos and stress by: Meeting vendors and deliveries and handling any no-shows Solving other last-minute emergencies Coordinating the wedding rehearsal Setting up the ceremony and reception spaces Making sure that the wedding party is on time and in the right places Coordinating the reception timeline Dealing with wedding crashers and unruly guests Ensuring that space is left clean and that you’ll get your deposits back Collecting personal items wedding gifts and making sure they get back to you safely Ensuring the rentals and borrowed items are taken to a safe place by one of the bridal party so you can return them without having to return to the wedding venue. Most wedding planners will handle these tasks, but it is possible to hire people just for these tasks. Though they’re called “day-of” coordinators, you should meet with them at least a month in advance, and they should start confirming with vendors at least a few days before the event. Things to Watch out for With Wedding Planners These are signs that the planner is not going to meet your needs: First and foremost, you need a wedding planner who is easy to contact and responsive to your needs. If the planner doesn’t return your calls promptly or doesn’t seem organized, look elsewhere. Beware of wedding planners who are getting kickbacks for recommending a certain vendor. Make sure you are hearing about vendors who are right for you and not just those who have a hand in the wedding planner’s pocket. Make sure that you like the planner’s taste and style. You want your big day to look like you, not like your wedding planner. Like any vendor, you’ll want to have a clear contract with […]

Covid -19 Weddings Can Now Take Place

Weddings of up to 30 people will be allowed to take place from the 4th of July 2020 in England As we start to ease the on the lockdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson made his long-awaited declaration this evening in the last daily routine pandemic meeting. Only in England – Wales and Scotland are still playing softly, softly and being more cautious on this Ireland has introduced small gatherings and wedding since early June. There has to be social distancing and NO!!! you can’t have the whole kit and kaboodle. You can only have up to 30 guests (including yourselves), and the venue has to ensure there is enough space to practise social distancing. About 250,000 weddings take place in the UK each year – giving an estimated £10bn to the economy generally, but with the coronavirus, many weddings ceremonies and events have been disrupted this year, and many of them had to be cancelled or postponed. Venues and suppliers are now rushing to take off the dust sheets and with great expectations of the phones ringing off the hook is very apparent as today we @designerweddingplanner had our 1st really busy day on the phones for a long while. With brides already anticipating what the Prime Minister was due to say in his daily message Many venues and suppliers will have lost a lot of money in deposits and refunds, and the lack of money coming in generally from weddings and events. But suppose you don’t actually want to rebook that venue anymore, what are your chances of getting things better for you from this disaster. If your wedding was cancelled, or you can’t have the kind of day that you would like, what are your rights? You have been asking for months – are wedding allowed yet? Well yes – however only In some circumstances, and depending on the size and location of the wedding. Weddings with up to 30 guests can take place from 4 July in England. They had been banned under almost all circumstances since lockdown began on 23 March which is a whole 3 months ago. So many weddings have been postponed or cancelled as from April to December is known as the very busy “wedding season”. Distancing guidelines From 4 July the 2m distancing guidance will change in England. The prime minister notified the nation where it is not possible to stay 2m apart, people should keep a distance of “one metre plus” – this means staying one metre apart while observing precautions to reduce the risk of transmission. Designer Wedding Planner – we are ready to answer your questions on getting married and the Covid19 situation. Businesses and wedding venues are being asked to help by: avoiding face-to-face seating by changing office layouts reducing the number of people in enclosed spaces improving ventilation using protective screens and face coverings closing non-essential social spaces providing hand sanitiser changing shift patterns so that staff work in set teams In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the 2m distancing rule remains in place for the time being. Don’t panic – What you should you do if you are due to get married soon? If your wedding cannot take place, for whatever reason or if you feel that it is not just going to be the way you had planned it to be, It may be a better idea to postpone things just so you have more time to think things over, Before it was a case of not being able to go ahead with things, now you have been given that all-important ‘go-ahead’ you’ve been holding out for and you can now do just that – or you may just feel that it will be too different from the day you had wanted and planned for originally, it is generally better to postpone the wedding instead of cancelling things. That would be too rash and may not be what you really want. Speak with your venue, and see if they are able to offer you alternative dates or even alternative packages which may have a different feel for you to put you back into your “happy place” Make sure you speak with your wedding planner and she will be there to support you through these early days of regrouping and refreshing and she is the person you should seek for that.personal support and hand-holding. Your wedding planner will be able to check for alternative dates with your venue, and then she will ask your suppliers and vendors if they would also be available for the date you change to. If you find that you are stuck in a difficult situation where the venue is not working with you in getting an alternative date of day rearranged, then it may be time to seek the services of a legal team especially for advice and legal support so you can see if you have any room to manoeuvre. The Citizen Advice Bureau are very good and they have legal advice freely available to set the ball rolling, if that is not enough, then a high street solicitor would be your next best bet. If your wedding was due to be held during the general lockdown, you should be able to rebook and or get a full refund. Any venue who still feels it is alright to hold on to your money during these unprecedented time sare being really mean and not showing an understanding for your feelings. True they have lost a lot of money during his times, and we get it, but we all have to understand the tough situation we were all placed in and none of the couples asked for it.   Great, if you have wedding insurance? With the mad rush to close everything down with the onslaught of the Corona Virus in March, Many couples sought support from their wedding insurance only to be told that any “Act” or declarations from the Prime minister did not count as an act of God, […]

What to Ask Your Wedding Venue BEFORE Booking

What to ask your wedding venue before booking. It can be really hard to know what to ask when you are looking for a wedding venue, and asking these key questions will help you decide where to get married By Shola at Designer Wedding Planner Choosing your wedding venue is one of the biggest parts of wedding planning. It will set the scene for the whole day so you need to make sure you choose a venue that is simply perfect for you, your partner and the type and style of wedding you’re dreaming of. So before you say ‘yes’ to the venue, and sign up, make sure you ask your venue these pertinent questions. Can you bring your own wedding planner? This is crucial  – I cannot stress this enough – May venue will tell you that they have a wedding planner working inhouse. `and that they will ensure this and that for you giving you the impression that you don’t need to get your own planner, and that person will ensure that all goes well at your wedding. this is simply not the case. The in-house wedding coordinator is there to ensure the venue do not lose out, and that the venue is able to keep an eye on all things to ‘protect’ the interest of the venue. What happens if your make-up artist is running late or doesn’t show up to the right place, or the photographer needs new batteries? Who will coordinate where the decorator will set up, and where the cake person will set up the cake? Only the wedding planner can be held responsible for this. They have the kudos and they will have the timeline for your whole wedding on their iPad. The timings and the running of the day are in their responsibility, and they have the experience of mitigating against any ‘disasters’, cake dropping, snag in your tights, shoe straps breaking, gooms shoes not polished, bridesmaids forgetting their outfit at home…. and the horror list goes on. We at designer wedding planner have seen all this and more It’s a no brainer, and not just because I am a wedding planner, but YOU SHOULD HAVE A WEDDING PLANNER! Wedding venue: Are you licensed for civil ceremonies? Having your wedding ceremony and reception all in one place is a great idea if you’re looking for ways to save money on your wedding, as it cuts out transport costs. Not all venues are licensed for civil ceremonies so it’s definitely worth checking this if you have your heart on saying your vows at your venue of choice. Do you have public liability insurance? It might not be the first question that springs to mind, however, this is a really important question. This means the cost of any legal action is covered if anyone is injured or damaged is caused to the building. If they say that they don’t think this is an important question, and more so that they don’t have public liability insurance, then it just not worth the hassle – do not even go there. not worth booking this venue. Will you have exclusive use of the venue? Some venues offer exclusive use as standard, others don’t. The idea of sharing your wedding day with another couple might not phase some people, but if you want your day to be all about you, make sure you check this with your venue. There are few venues which I have worked at where they have a wedding or function upstairs and another downstairs, and guests then tended to mingle and you don’t even know whose guests are whose. This can get a bit messy. And some venues have a function in the morning and yet another wedding starting at 6 pm – so your suppliers don’t have enough time for setting up, and everything becomes rushed and unsettling. Not a good choice I would say. Do you have disabled access? Some historic wedding venues may not have access for disabled guests – if you know some of your guests may have difficulty navigating stairs etc., be sure to check with your venue to make sure they have disabled access, and also disable toilets, as I’m sure you are aware not all disabilities, are visible, but this is essential for those who feel they require a more private use of the loos How late will the bar be open until? Talking of alcohol, it’s worth finding out if your venue charges for you to bring in your own drinks. Whether you’re thinking of alcoholic wedding favours or want to throw a BYOB wedding, make sure you won’t get hit with a hefty bill if you want to provide your own alcohol. This will also depend on the venue’s licensing laws – some could be licensed until 10 pm, others until 2 am. Find out before you book so you don’t have baffled guests if the bar closes early. You also need to ask if you are able to bring your own alcohol and whether there will be corkage. Corkage is when you supply your own alcohol, and the venue then still get a cut from that by charging you for each bottle you open which is personally your alcohol. This I feel is greedy and not fair of the venues, and it smacks of them wanting to make money from you for you trying to save money, as usual, their drinks are overpriced. But I am willing to see the side from the other side. Ask if their bar staff will be a to serve the champaign just before the toast otherwise it will get to that time, and your guests will be toasting with empty glasses. Can we have a late extension? There is a way around an early night – you might be able to apply for a late extension at some venues, but they do need to be approved by local authorities first, and the extension will need to be applied for in […]

The NHS Win YOUR Wedding Competition

The NHS Win YOUR Wedding Competition In UK, London and indeed worldwide, the health professionals have really been strong and brave and many of them have had no real time to even think about themselves or their relationships whilst carrying out their life-saving roles with no real thought for themselves. We have lost over 160 dedicated NHS Professionals in the UK, people who had a lot to live for, yet they gave their lives to save as many people as they could in doing so. For that, we are truly grateful. Nurses at workThe global COVID19 pandemic has shown us the dedication of our NHS staff. We want to gift the couple everything for their wedding paid in full. I have decided that the best thing to give to a deserving couple to help them make some sense of life and some happiness after all the sadness and trials they must have gone through, is to get a group of 1st class wedding and event professionals together and offer a free wedding day for a really deserving couple through the – Hereby the group of professional vendors and suppliers will be known as:- “The Wedding Collective” “NHS Win YOUR Wedding Competition”. The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain landscape for millions of NHS and Frontline staff. I felt that together, we should help give something back. A wonderful wedding for the successful NHS/Frontline Staff would be a really great way to give something back and we as professional wedding and event suppliers – we know how to throw amazing weddings and parties that’s for sure. We have all benefited from the NHS – haven’t we?  We have all seen what the NHS and Front line staff (and indeed all the staff) have done in working to keep the services going through thick and thin whilst we are going through this worldwide Pandemic. They have done us all proud and I am desperate in my need to do something a little bit special and keep saying to anyone who will listen that we must do something to pay them back. I have been a wedding planner for over 10 years, and I know how weddings can become quite expensive when you add all the individual components together, and to ensure that all the wedding “essentials” are provided, it may set the couple back anything from £35,000 upwards, and following the pandemic with all the 2019 postponed weddings being set for 2021, it may well be difficult to get the date the couple wants or the vendors and services they would like on their “wish list”. In fact, it could make many couples not even want to get married, as they simply can’t afford it- not on the wages of a general staff nurse or a newly qualified nurse or social worker. This competition is open to couples who have at least one of the couple working in the front line. In London, the professionals have suffered and have had no real time to even think about themselves or their relationships whilst carrying out their life-saving roles diligently and with no real thought for themselves. We have lost over 160 dedicated NHS Professional who had a lot live for, yet they gave their lives to save as many people as they could in doing so. They have put all of that on the back burner to fight for us, and the NHS. I have lost sleep thinking what can I do to “give something back”, and this has been playing on my mind and as a wedding planner, I have decided that the best thing to give to a deserving couple to help them make some sense of life and some happiness after all the sadness and trials they must have gone through over the past 3 – 4 months, is to get a group of 1st class wedding and event professionals together and offer a free wedding day for a really deserving couple in he NHS Win YOUR Wedding Competition. Whilst I believe that everyone who has been working on the frontline deserves, of a brilliant day, we would like to gift a superb wedding day to one couple. We have to give something back and we would love to help and support to gift this to a lucky deserving couple. It would take all the burden from them and make 2021 a year for them to start their married life together ecstatic knowing they do not have to foot the bill for their wedding. In fact, we would go out to make it a special day to remember. What will the couple get for their prize? In the NHS Win YOUR Wedding Competition, we would like to offer the Wedding Planning Team, with full on the day coordination, Bride’s Wedding Dress, Wedding Veil, Designer Handmade Wedding Shoes, Groom’s Suit, Event Decoration, Wedding Cake, Bridal hairdresser, Bridal makeup, MC, Photography, Videography, DJ, Wedding Florals, Bridesmaids Outfits, Dance Floor, Wedding Jewellery,  – and all the other things which go to make a wedding really wonderful. What will you as a supplier get from supporting this wonderful idea? – The good feeling from this gifted wedding will be felt by all those around you. We can collectively thank our amazing NHS couple, and let them have some amazing memories for everything they have done for us all. “The Wedding Collective” will be able to gift a really wonderful all-expenses-paid wedding and will aid the promotion of involved business’ road to recovery, in what will be a tough year for the events industry. We as Wedding and Events professionals will have work to do to ensure this wedding is the best ever and would be the start of our wedding year in 2021. Help the events industry, we work at thousands of venues across London, we want to keep our important social industries going for the good of all. We appreciate all donations and we look forward to creating the most […]

Your Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Your Wedding During the Coronavirus Pandemic   The current coronavirus pandemic has caused such severe disruptions right across the globe – and if your wedding is planned for this time whether in the UK or a destination wedding, it can feel pretty confusing as to what to do next and best proceed, if that were only possible. This is a rapidly changing situation, with the government making snap changes and new directives as the day opens and closes.so it’s impossible to say for sure what will happen in the long term. As of Monday 23rd March 2020, the UK is in partial to total lockdown. This is far more extensive than the previous advice to minimise social contact. UK citizens have been ordered to stay in their homes apart from for very specific reasons, including: Medical need Shopping for basic necessities, as infrequently as possible Travelling to work, but if possible you should work from home One form of exercise per day, alone or with members of your household Social gatherings have been banned, and that specifically includes weddings. The Government has said they will review the lockdown restrictions in about three weeks. They have informed us that they could reduce the severity of the lockdown, however, we feel @designerweddingplanner that these will indeed be increased as the coronavirus pandemic is expected to reach a peak in 10 days to 2 weeks. If you have a wedding booked over the next few months, realistically your choice is between full cancellation or postponement for a later date. “I would suggest you consider postponing weddings between now and the start of July– it’s possibly too soon to decide what to do with weddings after this date. All we can do is take it day by day,” says Shola Ade of the Designer Wedding Planner. The UK Government also says that if one person in a household has symptoms, everyone living there has to stay at home for 14 days. If you live on your own, you must stay at home for seven days. For more information and updated advice, consult the NHS website. It is, for this reason, we would always advise you have a very proactive and hands-on wedding planner to help you in rough times and in good. They will assist you and help answer your concerns when it comes to your wedding. 1. Stay up to date with current information It is important to make sure you’re up to speed with developments, given how quickly advice can change. For the latest updates in the UK, make sure you visit the gov.uk website, and for travel advice, check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website. especially if you have a destination wedding booked. 2. Contact your venue and/or your wedding planner Communication has always been key, and more so in this situation. If you’re getting married in the UK within the next few months, you need to check your contract and then talk to your venue, and indeed your wedding planner (if you have now) will be able to do this on your behalf. At the moment, the UK Government has banned social gatherings – and weddings come into that category. Obviously, the safety of you and your guests must come first. One of the last weddings in London that we know of had over 200 guests, and a few of them were then diagnosed with he Coronavirus and were taken ill following that party. Bear in mind that your venue and planner are here to help you. They may well be dealing with a deluge of queries at the moment, so try to be patient, even though it’s understandable that you want answers and you are anxious to get your wedding issues sorted. Options to discuss include whether you can postpone. “Have a date in mind and check they are those dates available,” says Shola from Designer Wedding Planner“. Ask if there are any penalties for changing the date.  and also if the venue will require any further information from you. It might be that provided the change of date happens within the following 12 months, your venue will change the date for free, but after that, there might be additional charges.” If you are able to postpone, get every detail of the change confirmed in writing with an amended contract of agreement. make sure your wedding planner is able to have oversight of this so she will be able to guide you through, and support you before you sign. If your only option is to go for a full, and you feel it would be unwise to go ahead given the UK government’s position, find out what the financial implications are, and what will be expected of you to cover.

Our Surprise Proposal

Our Surprise Proposal Planning The initial meeting It was a sunny day in August when we got the call through that we were required to put our heads together to help plan a surprise proposal. We discussed the finer points with the boyfriend as he really wanted to surprise his girlfriend with the ring. He really wanted to put a ring on it as the song says. We met with the boyfriend and walked through the famous Primrose Hill in North West London and immediately saw that it was a massive park. Everyone who was anyone had their dogs with them, and they were enjoying the evening. The moment they walked through the park gates, the dogs were let free to run and wander. I am simply so scared of dogs, and have been since I was a child. This was going to be my challenge, but anyway I had to secure this young suiter’s confidence, to reassure him that we will be great as usual in setting the scene for the proposal. it was apparent that we didn’t have long to plan as the sunny days were fast becoming a thing of last year and summer was fast going.   Setting the date The date was set for September, but had to set two potential dates in case it rained on the first date of choice. We had planned for a small secluded section of the park, and we planned where the boyfriend would enter the park and the long walk up the park path to get to where we would be all set up. I advised the boyfriend to book a nice restaurant for after the proposal they had a nice meal to go to…. fingers crossed she said yes otherwise we would have to go for the meal ourselves. On the week prior to the planned date we worked with eventdecorhire to plan the many candles we were set to put in the park. We had lots of tea-lights, balloons and string lights  to hang from the trees and large lanterns to place along the pathway leading to the heart shaped lights. Its D Day On the early Sunday evening, we started our plan – the section of park we had pre-chosen was still available and more or less clean. We met with the photographer who was also the boyfriend’s close friend and the videographer who set up their places within a few minutes. Then came the switching on of the many, many lights, tea-lights and candles, hanging the lights on the tall tress was a bit challenging. We had to make sure they were all hanging straight and ready to work. We didn’t want to set up too early as the candles would not show up to full effect, and may all go out as it was quite a windy day. The boyfriend was due to start making his way from about 6.30pm and should arrive to us by 7pm – then he messaged and said he would be arriving by 6.45pm. We were not quite ready and were still having issues with the candles which kept blowing out with the windy evening. Then we had the call to say the Boyfriend was entering the park with his unwitting girlfriend. Entering the Park We had set everything up as planned – the lanterns were lit and lining the pathway. We had a big heart shape with tea lights and the candles and there was music playing in the background. Passersby kept asking what we were doing and why we had lit so many candles with champagne and ice bucket on a blanket in the middle. We had to keep people away from our area so a big crowd started to gather- we had to keep an eye out for our boyfriend as he was walking his girlfriend along the long pathway to our planned area.      

About the Pantone Colour of the Year

About the Pantone Colour of the Year “The Pantone Colour of the Year has come to mean so much more than ‘what’s trending’ in the world of design; it’s truly a reflection of what’s needed in our world today.” – Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Colour Institute. About the Pantone Colour of the Year Those in the know around the world have a new fixation and have now become more fascinated with colour and the concept of its ability to suggest inner deep messages and meanings. About the Pantone Colour of the Year. Designers and brands now feel deeply empowered to use colour to inspire and influence trends and market leaders. The Colour of the Year is a breath away in time which suggest the strategic direction for the world of trend and design, reflecting the Pantone Colour Institute’s year-round work doing the same for designers and brands. The colour trends and forecast publications like to give clear thoughts on what is needed to feel confident in so much as wedding planners, we are creating products and designing events in the right colour at the right time. We have to be seen to be on point, on time and on trend as we are asked to offer a variety of viewpoints, lead times, industry focuses, and price points, there is a forecast publication to meet any need for today’s current bride and groom. Ultraviolet simply means ‘beyond violet’ – ‘ultra’ in Latin translates to ‘beyond’ – as violet is the colour with the highest frequencies of visible light. But we’re not talking about the spectrum of radiation here – we’re talking about a certain variation of purple. It simply has to be the right shade. Designer Wedding Planner have been so excited to work with this colour we have already got several brides lined up who will be bang up to trend with the vibrant colour of 2018 Picked by Pantone because it wanted something bold and uplifting for the year ahead, Brian Woulfe, Founder and Managing Director of Designed by Woulfe, says “it works brilliantly in many different ways, for all different interior schemes”. The Future Is … Ultra Violet – That’s the colour chosen by Panton for this coming new year 2018 – so how will we see this on the bridal scene?  

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