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Wedding Decor

Wedding Decor

The Savoy Hotel - A London Wedding

The significance of wedding decorations rests in implying the ambience of a wedding ceremony. A wedding ceremony is always a very special occasion and the wedding décor should be able to reflect the specialty of the ceremony. While proceeding with your wedding décor planning, it is worthwhile to keep a few important points in mind.


Wedding Decor
Wedding Decor

Firstly, the décor should be pleasant and gorgeous at the same time. Secondly, the décor should be inviting and comfortable for the guests who will be attending the reception. Thirdly, there must be a synchrony between the decorations at the pulpit (where the bride and groom exchange their vows and/or garlands) and the reception region. Attaining the synchrony in the decorations becomes easy if you select a wedding theme as the basic idea. There are many such themes like the Hawaiian theme, the Renaissance theme, the eco-friendly theme and many such other themes.

Wedding Decor
Wedding Decor

Whatever theme you select for, the criteria of pleasantry, comfort, style, elegance and celebration always remains the same. While planning the wedding décor, the best idea is to categorise the wedding space into distinct spaces like the entrance region, the reception region, the dancing space and most importantly, the wedding region. If you have a definite theme in your mind then you can proceed more systematically. Also essential to remember that there must not be a confusion in the décor of the different wedding spaces. What that means is that the décor of the ceremony region should be matched with the décor at the reception region and so on. Colours are a great way to maintain the artistic flow in the decorations.

Colours are everywhere at a wedding. A wedding is a colourful celebration of love and life. Find your colours in the table cloths, in the centrepieces, the backdrops, the ceilings and canopies, the wedding platform, the lights and the flowers used in the decoration. The wedding gown’s colour is also an important consideration in this regard. The bride should look resplendent and at her graceful best in her wedding dress. The wedding décor should be such that the bride feels a part of the ceremony, and at the same time, she should be outshining the decorations at the reception place. For this, a subtle and gentle contrast between the bridal colour and the décor colour can bring in the desired effect in the decorations.

The fabric of the backdrops, the table clothes, the ceiling canopies, the seat covers are also important points of consideration during the wedding. Lush velvety fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon brings in a fabulous wedding gloss to the ceremony. While selecting the fabric for wedding décor, another very important consideration is the lighting arrangement. This is because lights will illuminate the fabrics (if you are not having the ceremony in open daylight) and the illumination should be able to bring depth in the colour and texture of the fabrics.

www.designerchaircoverstogo.com are one of the best event and wedding decors around and they will be able to supply you with all the finer trimmings which all go together to make the most delightful use of your venue.

Your wedding planner will also support and advice you on your venue and your costings and help you to keep within your budget.

Apart from the fabric illumination, the lights are also an important aspect for the dancing space and the entrance region. you could have draping – Grecian drapes, backdrops or even ordinary draping around your venue to give that different feel and that gorgeous wow factor for your big day.

The event stylist will be able to change the colour of the lighting in the room using uplighters and lights which also can give a dramatic effect to the whole room or just around the dance floors.

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