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Wedding at Arianna Banqueting Suite

Wedding at Arianna Banqueting Suite


Wedding at Arianna Banqueting Suite

Wedding at Arianna Banqueting Suite…

was always  going to be a big affair, and working with our wonderful bride-to-be was going to be a full on, full team @designerweddingplanner effort.

Our Bride-to-be said she would be organising everything herself and therefore only wanted  the services of a wedding planner for ‘on the day’ support. Whilst we do recommend a full wedding planner who is on hand to assist with sourcing and planning of the suppliers and venue for the wedding,

It is better to have an ‘On the Day Co-ordinator” for the main event of the days proceedings. The venue the couple chose was the Arianna Banqueting Suite.

She was clear our bride Kiki wanted to do all the searching and gathering of her wedding supplies by herself. Well that was what she thought when she set out to plan her wedding by herself.

We met after or bride had met with the team at eventdecorhire.com where she met with Ruth our wonderful Admin Manager who herself had just got married and was on hand to share her new expertise in what would work and what would certainly not be a great idea with Kiki who was as avid listener, as it is best to hear first hand dos and donts from a bride who has the ‘inside information’, and who also works with the wedding planner.

Wedding Planner Wedding at Arianna Banqueting Suite
Wedding at Arianna Banqueting Suite


Kiki had always wanted to have the wedding of her dreams and this was only the start.

She went through many different scenarios and table settings and then she decided to go with a high and low mix of centerpieces.

These with eye popping high  eye level centerpieces which goes above the eye level and can cost a lot more, then those which are more cost effective and price friendly.

They also look gorgeous and eye catching – especially if you will be having 500 guests and require 50 tables as Kiki was having.

Setting the Scene of the Wedding Room

Kiki also chose to have the Gold Chiavari Chairs as these are the new standard which sets off any room to be better than without, and is a distinct move away for those who do not want the chair covers.

On the day of the wedding Kiki was a bundle of nerves, as she kept texting me to ensure her groom was up, and getting ready.

He had sent her a beautiful wedding gift which she was already wearing and it looked delightful.

It was a silver diamond encrusted bracelet which she unwrapped with shrieks of delight at his thoughtfulness and love.


Groomsmen awaiting the Groom =Wedding at Arianna Banqueting Suite
Groomsmen awaiting the Groom -Wedding at Arianna Banqueting Suite


Our Bride
Our Bride

The wedding party had everyone up and dancing when the Lady MC started with the wedding games for the bride and groom – one which involved our Groom John to get the garter from the bride using only his teeth.

The food was excellently prepared and in a buffet style took some organising to get 500 guests through the 3 serving stations in a timely way. Our team at Designer Wedding Planner were on hand to ensure everyone was fed and happy and then the party started in earnest until the early hours and then it was all over with Kiki and John happy to be the new Mr and Mrs on the block.

We wish them all the very best as they carry on their journey together.