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Opulent Designer Wedding Style Shoot – Part 3

Opulent Designer Wedding Style Shoot – Part 3

London Wedding Planner

Opulent Designer Wedding Style Shoot
I sent Abigail of Abigail Bloom Cake Company, a few Pinterest photos a couple of weeks before the shoot and when she showed up, it was as though her cake had walked right out of the pictures and into my shoot. This wedding cake was hand finished by Abi with roses and petals and special rose features on the different tiers. It was a perfect setting for the 3-tiered ivory cake to take centre stage in some of the shots!

In another setting we used the delightful cakes from Ty Couture Cakes – I love how up to the minute and stylish gold is right now, but I wanted to take a different slant to this trend! Ty’s cakes were indeed opulent large and certainly creative and colourful. Setting the wedding cake alight with the gold and silver cake and then the cake with bright red flowers interspersed between the layers of cake.

The 2 photographers for the shoot had to be different in their styles – Tai from Love-Exposed Photography is an award-winning photographer. He is dedicated and knows exactly how to get the money shot each and every time. He agreed to be my 1st on hand photographer and was able to get his usual feel for the stunning photographs I knew he would get for me, and new to the wedding photography scene was Joe from J Hitch who I felt showed a passion for the work and the creative detail, again his photographs showed a creative side. We were lucky to have Justina Rude to record the day for us with and her brilliant cinematography can be seen on my website, and Mary who was creative director of the video editing.


I was able to created two stunning looks for our gorgeous fresh-faced new super models who rocked in front of the camera. They have fallen in love with the bridal scene and have promised to use me to create their weddings when the time comes. In the mean time I have now managed to rebrand and re create my website in order to demonstrate my talent as a wedding planner with the flair for the opulence and creativity huge mind for the bigger than average weddings and events. I feel fully inspired to work with brides who want that extra something else, something out of the ordinary, an extra flair with a fully charged creative experience to ensure whether the event is on a small scale or a full production, that I work with the bride and groom in mind and I work to a standard not to a price which is the mantra I chant as I go about my daily work as a Wedding and Event Planner.


The flowers were inspired by my request from the simply adorable Jens Jakobsen for a colour mix of gold and yellows with splashes of purple couture flowers – This was enough to get the creative florist Jens to get to work – He arrived with a great array of flowers – in fact we thought he was on his way to cover another wedding elsewhere – they were all for me – He set about working his creative talents on the 3 huge tall bell vases which he filled to the brim with lovely flowers.


He then moved on to work with such an enviable amount of energy, he shared stories of work he had completed which were hilarious to the point of making us want to sit over a cup of tea for a good old fashioned chat – we are laughing at the tales he had to share. With the large candelabra, which was as dainty as it was tall, he then added tall tapered candles to create the completed effect, and again loaded another wonderful array of flowers around the base of this and it was then hoisted onto the centre of the table. Stunning, and absolutely gorgeous – to say the least.

My favourite centrepieces to date.

“We have been showcasing this fantastic style shoot over the past few weeks as it was such an inspiration and such a brilliant infusion of wedding professionals that this couldn’t all be showcased in the one article. So stay tuned, keep checking in with us and we hope you enjoy our work.  Big Hugs – Shola”