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Speciality Weddings

Speciality Weddings

Speciality Weddings

A specialty wedding refers to selecting a special theme for the wedding. Every wedding is special, and when you are selecting a specialty-wedding theme then you are commemorating and acknowledging the specialness in weddings. There are so many themes and the choice of the theme entirely depends on the mutual consent of the couple. That means the bride and groom are the best people to decide what wedding theme is going to adorn their specialty wedding. For the best of reasons, a few specialty-wedding themes are described here.

Ethnic Weddings: Weddings are not always as simple as they might originally seem – you can have African Weddings, Asian Weddings, Muslim Weddings, Greek Weddings, Jewish Weddings. These are all different kinds of religious weddings and how you prepare for them is usually with a lot of colour, lots of light, razzmatazz, food galore, usually with a guest list well over 200 and plenty of dancing.

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Designer Wedding Planner are more than capable of handling all things involved in the preparation and planning of these events and we source companies and staff from your local community who we have tried and tested and found to be able to give us the most comprehensive quality for the most honest quotes.


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An eco friendly wedding: Although all the weddings can have (and should have) eco friendly elements in them, yet if the total arrangement of the wedding is on an eco friendly note, then the wedding is referred to as an eco-friendly wedding.

Planning the elements of an eco friendly wedding essentially means concentrating on how to be least harsh on the environment. For this all the aspects of the wedding, namely the dining arrangement, the favour gifts, the electrical lighting (it is best eco friendly to hold the wedding in daylight, if that is not possible insist on energy star electrical fittings) and the wedding décor. Selection of a minimalistic wedding décor is another aspect of planning an eco friendly specialty wedding.

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