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5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Coordinator.

5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Coordinator.

5 Steps to Choosing a Wedding Coordinator.

  1. Decide what you want to achieve. Visualise your dream wedding to the fine details. Consider all the wishes you may have had when you were a little girl, and the hopes you have now as an adult.
  2. Write all your ideas down. Many brides keep a journal or a scrapbook filled with ideas and images for wedding planning. These will be useful when you have to share them with a wedding coordinator later.
  3. Decide on a budget, for the actual event, and also for the wedding planner fees.
  4. Ask around. Talk to people you know, search on the Internet and read through magazines. Your perfect wedding planner could be anywhere. Your job is to find them.
  5. Ask them what they can do for you, and ensure they share your vision for the perfect day. Choose the wedding planner who also holds your ideas close to their own heart.

When you are trying to choose a wedding co-ordinator, make sure you have a list of things you would like covered.

See how you get on with the person and more to the point, how they get on with you. Do they have the same ideas you have and so they share the same views as you and your partner?

Dont rush to say yes to the person- think it over for a few days and then …. trust them as they will do the best they can for you.

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