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Pippa Middleton’s Perfect Bottom

Pippa Middleton’s Perfect Bottom

PIPPA MIDDLETON – How she manages to have such a pert bottom.

On the biggest wedding day this year – at her sister – Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William, Pippa Middleton very nearly stole the show when she elegantly slipped out of the car and did that 180 degree turn and showed the world her pert bottom and smooth back. There were audible sounds across the world as to who, what , and how … with gasps of wow, and ahh! and the immediate envy of many women over the nation and beyond.

On further questioning, Pippa has now shared with us that this can only be down to Pilates – which has now been given so much press, the gyms up and down the country will be bursting to capacity with new recruits signing up for the Pippa Middleton derrière!

Pilates is said to increase strength, flexibility and body control and it is an exercise which you do not have to sit in a gym for long before you are able to see positive results.

27 year old Pippa visits a gym studio in Fulham in West London and she see this as a “weekly necessity”

Many celebrities are also fans of this form of tidying up their bodies

Here, celeb fitness trainer NICKI WATERMAN – whose clients have included Denise Van Outen and Kelly Brook – is reported to have told a UK Newspaper The SUN how you can get a perfect bum like Pippa’s with Pilates.

Nicki says: “When you try the exercises below you need to be patient.

“Work at your own level and focus on perfecting these basic moves. They are essential to creating a proper foundation.

“Some exercises mention a ‘zip’ technique. To do it, breathe out, draw up your pelvic floor muscles and gently hollow your lower ab muscles back towards your spine, like when you doing up the zip on tight jeans.

“Consult your doctor before starting a new exercise regime.”

You can do this workout three or four times a week.



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