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India’s most extravegant wedding?

India’s most extravegant wedding?

 The marriage of an Indian couple has come to light in the headlines over the world this week because of the apparent opulence and sheer extreme financial details of the wedding.

It has been reported that there were an estimated 18,200 guests in attendance. The son of a wealth politician Lalit Tamwar was the groom in question. His mega rich father is a politician from the ruling congress party.

The lucky bride to be was Yogita Jaunapuria, the daughter of a Delhi based politician. The wedding took place last Tuesday with an extremely extravagant ceremony held at a farm house belonging to a family member. Needless to say it was not just any old farm house.

Traditionally weddings in this style usually take anything from 2 days to a week and beyond, and this one did not disappoint – it will be going on for an exhausting and expensive 7 days with all the separate parties and events linked to the wedding ready to go as planned.

Reports says that this wedding is estimated to be costing the family somewhere in the region of £14 million on the minimum end and on the extreme estimation at a cost of about £35 million.


You name it everyone who is anyone is expected to attend as these are much sort after invites – Top Bollywood premier stars and leading politicians are all lucky to be invited to share in the happy event.

The wedding will last the full 7 days from start to finish and the be topped in a brilliantly extravagant party at a top 5 star hotel in Delhi over the weekend.

What do you give such an esteemed list of guests to eat over the week long celebrations? It has been mooted that there will be no stopping the ideas of the chefs and they were given the task of ensuring no one went hungry, and with over 100 different meals and dishes to choose from, everyone will be well fed. There will also be huge screens situated around the ceremony so the thousands of guests can catch the ceremony as it is going on.

Wedding favours are always difficult to get right and this was no exception so some of the guests were reported to have been given a silver biscuit, safari suits, and cash- just as a ‘simple’ thank you from the couple’s family.

What do you give a bride and groom who appear to have a lot already – one report was that the couple received a helicopter as a wedding gift. The groom’s father in spite of all the elegance and opulence still referred to the big event as a ‘simple family affair’.

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