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Covid -19 Weddings Can Now Take Place

Covid -19 Weddings Can Now Take Place

Social Distancing Weddings

Weddings of up to 30 people will be allowed to take place from the 4th of July 2020 in England

As we start to ease the on the lockdown. Prime Minister Boris Johnson made his long-awaited declaration this evening in the last daily routine pandemic meeting.

Only in England – Wales and Scotland are still playing softly, softly and being more cautious on this Ireland has introduced small gatherings and wedding since early June.

Social distancing weddings

There has to be social distancing and NO!!! you can’t have the whole kit and kaboodle. You can only have up to 30 guests (including yourselves), and the venue has to ensure there is enough space to practise social distancing.

About 250,000 weddings take place in the UK each year – giving an estimated £10bn to the economy generally, but with the coronavirus, many weddings ceremonies and events have been disrupted this year, and many of them had to be cancelled or postponed.

Venues and suppliers are now rushing to take off the dust sheets and with great expectations of the phones ringing off the hook is very apparent as today we @designerweddingplanner had our 1st really busy day on the phones for a long while. With brides already anticipating what the Prime Minister was due to say in his daily message

Wedding Hand sanitisersMany venues and suppliers will have lost a lot of money in deposits and refunds, and the lack of money coming in generally from weddings and events.

But suppose you don’t actually want to rebook that venue anymore, what are your chances of getting things better for you from this disaster.

If your wedding was cancelled, or you can’t have the kind of day that you would like, what are your rights?

You have been asking for months – are wedding allowed yet?

Well yes – however only In some circumstances, and depending on the size and location of the wedding.

Weddings with up to 30 guests can take place from 4 July in England. They had been banned under almost all circumstances since lockdown began on 23 March which is a whole 3 months ago. So many weddings have been postponed or cancelled as from April to December is known as the very busy “wedding season”.

Distancing guidelines

From 4 July the 2m distancing guidance will change in England.

The prime minister notified the nation where it is not possible to stay 2m apart, people should keep a distance of “one metre plus” – this means staying one metre apart while observing precautions to reduce the risk of transmission.

Shola Talking Weddings

Designer Wedding Planner – we are ready to answer your questions on getting married and the Covid19 situation.

Businesses and wedding venues are being asked to help by:

  • avoiding face-to-face seating by changing office layouts

  • reducing the number of people in enclosed spaces

  • improving ventilation

  • using protective screens and face coverings

  • closing non-essential social spaces

  • providing hand sanitiser

  • changing shift patterns so that staff work in set teams

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the 2m distancing rule remains in place for the time being.

Don’t panic – What you should you do if you are due to get married soon?

If your wedding cannot take place, for whatever reason or if you feel that it is not just going to be the way you had planned it to be, It may be a better idea to postpone things just so you have more time to think things over, Before it was a case of not being able to go ahead with things, now you have been given that all-important ‘go-ahead’ you’ve been holding out for and you can now do just that – or you may just feel that it will be too different from the day you had wanted and planned for originally, it is generally better to postpone the wedding instead of cancelling things. That would be too rash and may not be what you really want.

Speak with your venue, and see if they are able to offer you alternative dates or even alternative packages which may have a different feel for you to put you back into your “happy place”

Make sure you speak with your wedding planner and she will be there to support you through these early days of regrouping and refreshing and she is the person you should seek for that.personal support and hand-holding.

Your wedding planner will be able to check for alternative dates with your venue, and then she will ask your suppliers and vendors if they would also be available for the date you change to.

If you find that you are stuck in a difficult situation where the venue is not working with you in getting an alternative date of day rearranged, then it may be time to seek the services of a legal team especially for advice and legal support so you can see if you have any room to manoeuvre. The Citizen Advice Bureau are very good and they have legal advice freely available to set the ball rolling, if that is not enough, then a high street solicitor would be your next best bet.

Wedding Date

If your wedding was due to be held during the general lockdown, you should be able to rebook and or get a full refund. Any venue who still feels it is alright to hold on to your money during these unprecedented time sare being really mean and not showing an understanding for your feelings. True they have lost a lot of money during his times, and we get it, but we all have to understand the tough situation we were all placed in and none of the couples asked for it.


Great, if you have wedding insurance?

With the mad rush to close everything down with the onslaught of the Corona Virus in March, Many couples sought support from their wedding insurance only to be told that any “Act” or declarations from the Prime minister did not count as an act of God, and they refused to pay out from the lockdown of the Corona Virus.

Can I claim on wedding insurance?
Most wedding insurance does not cover a ”government act”, so it is unlikely to pay out if the lockdown affected your wedding.

A few wedding insurers are paying out now under some circumstances. For example, John Lewis wedding insurance suggests it will refund you if restrictions mean your wedding cannot be held and you can demonstrate you have tried to recoup the money from your venue and suppliers.

Many couples have paid in good faith for their wedding insurance, and it wasn’t worth the money you paid for it. We have found that generally most of the insurance companies have had time to think and are willing to meet couples halfway and try to help them sort the situation out with their claims. You will not be able to obtain new wedding insurance at the moment as the insurance companies are all still licking their wounds and have made great losses this year.

Just married

So get wedding planning and you can contact us if you require some support or help with your intimate wedding or event – and let us get your party juices flowing – its been a long time coming – but if you have a long list of relatives you want to have at your wedding, then keep holding on as that day hasn’t quite arrived just yet.

We are hoping for October or November when we can plan for weddings with over 300 guests again – or are we being too presumptuous? Let us know in the comments box.

  • Let’s keep our fingers crossed.