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Scam Emails to Wedding Planners

Scam Emails to Wedding Planners

Regular visitors to our blog will appreciate how we do try to feature as many scams as we can to help you in the battle against these nasty people. This category is so popular and has helped many businesses across the world. We have just received this email from Beverley in London UK Beverley runs a small  wedding planning company and she alerted us to this email which was sent to her today. We would urge all Wedding Planners to be totally aware – in this recession fueled times and the urgency to get the next job, we need to be very careful who we choose to work with lest we loose the few pennies we are fortunate to make.

This category is so popular and has helped many businesses across the world. We have now received an email from Beverley in UK London. Beverley owns a wedding planning company.

Beverley contacted us  said “I came across your blog/website while searching for info on wedding planning scams, after receiving an odd inquiry via email the other day.  I was quite weary about the request, which prompted me to start an online search while trying to obtain further details from this mystery person…

See a copy of the email below and it would be interesting to see how many other people have had ‘near misses’ from these tyrants.

My Name is George Rosner,my Fiance and I wish to seek your assistance and professional touch in planning our wedding.
The wedding is to hold on the 12th of May 2012{Still flexible though..}.
We will need your services among other things in the following areas:

a) Plan everything about the wedding
b) Selection of ceremony and reception venue
c) Videography
d) Assistance regarding the cocktail and reception, Floral arrangements and Catering;
e) photography.
f) complete organization of relevant documents
g) Budget Planning & Management
Expected guests for the wedding will be 48 Guests.
We want to have the estimated cost for the services above,as you will be handling everything from scratch to finish.
Also confirm credit cards accepted for effective payment, ok.
As i do not know what the guests might choose for their meals and drinks,i will make a prepayment as initial deposit for this booking via my credit card(Which you will
keep on file) once  availability is confirmed by you. All checks and balances will be made with you on our arrival which will be a week before the wedding date.
Get back to me asap if you can be in charge of this.
I’ll be happy to hear from you if you can handle this for us,any Other arrangements will as well be discussed along the line.
Mr Rosner.

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