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Add a Wedding Colour Scheme to Your Big Day

Add a Wedding Colour Scheme to Your Big Day

Add a Wedding Colour Scheme to Your Big Day


Rather than choosing wedding themes, there are some that will decide on a colour scheme for their wedding. There is nothing wrong with doing this; in fact, this is an extremely popular option because it means simplicity and has a traditional feeling. The question is how you choose your wedding colour schemes.

There are a number of ways that you can decide on wedding colours. One of the most popular is to choose romantic colours. Reds and pinks are commonly used at weddings but it can be easy to go over the top. You also need to make sure your partner enjoys the shades that you’re picking too; after all, it’s their big day too.

Others will choose their wedding colour schemes based on their nationality. Those that are extremely passionate about their heritage will want to include that within the wedding. Scots will use their tartan colours while the Japanese will use the colours linked to their nationality. This is fairly easy to do; you just need to think about what you can use to make the wedding colours stand out.


Add a Wedding Colour scheme to your Big Day

There are a few ways that you can use the wedding colour schemes. Many brides will decide on putting their bridesmaids in those colours and the groom may use the colour for the ties or detail in the breast pocket. However, you can include the wedding theme right away with the types of invitations and save the date cards that you hand out.



One of the best ways of showing that you intend to use the colour theme is by handing out the save the date cards in that colour. If you have two colours then you can make the background one and the writing the other. You can do the exact same with the invitations, which will help to reiterate the theme.

You can add detail to the ceremony to keep on track with the wedding colours and then add it to the wedding breakfast. Think about the table cloths, seat covers and even the decorations on the table. You should also think about the flowers and the bouquet. You’ll definitely find ways to add the colour to your wedding throughout the day.



Choosing wedding themes for your wedding, whether you opt for a fancy dress theme or you choose a colour, will help you to make your wedding become personalised and unique. Your guests will remember your big day for years to come and may just ask you to help them organise their own big event because of it.

Make sure that you and your partner are both happy with anything that you choose. This will be evident in the photos that are taken and you want to look back with happy memories and not regret.

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