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Creative Weddings


We will organize a unique and creative wedding,

which you will never forget, save your memories for life.

    The team at Designer Wedding Planner will always be on hand to offer you the best service you require at       the time you need it most.

     You can find out more about the services we provide through this website, and then give us a call to

     discuss things through face to face.

      But before you click those links, here’s a taster of what we are dedicated to offering you:

  • We will spend time getting to know you, to find out what you are both looking for in your big day
  • We will be the supportive hand you need – you’ll have regular updates and meetings throughout the planning process, and if there’s anything stressing you out, just pick up the phone and I’ll help you fix it.
  • We will be able to take full charge of the logistics, not just the creative stuff.  We simply adore our role, and that means the spreadsheets as well as all the lovely styling!

          And what we promise not to:

We will refuse to go for style over substance. It’s not just about the Instagram pictures we are aiming for, we want to offer you beautiful memories forever.

We know it is your day – so we will not take over! This is a creative collaboration and we’re in it together –  both of your ideas are key to the success of this day.

you will not have the same wedding or function or event as the last person, we intend to create an event or wedding fit for you.


We have planned and designed many fabulously diverse variety of weddings, in many different venues.

You are unique, and your wedding must be too, so don’t worry,  we always break the template after each wedding so yours will always be different and a safe bet that it will be stunningly so.


If you want an unforgettable wedding day and would like to hear more about how working with a creative and supportive wedding planner could help you, get in touch today, and let’s have a chat.


We are here to assist you


Our Best Weddings

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