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Renew your vows

Renewing your vows

Some call this ceremony a “renewal of wedding vows,” a “recommitment of Love” ceremony or a “reaffirmation of Love” ceremony. Whatever you choose to call it, it is a most meaningful event, for you, your children, family and close friends. There are many options. You can do something similar to what you did when you first got married or you can come up with something completely different and meaningful to you now. You may choose to recite new promises to each other, or affirm those you made the first time round. The ceremony can be as creative or as simple as you want it to be; formal or casual and fun. It isn’t supposed to be a re-enactment of your wedding day, but a celebration of the growth and depth of your relationship.

Renew your vows –

We can help you to create your second ceremony and renew your vows in style in a to be as simplistic or as elaborate as you wish.

Some couples choose an special anniversary or a milestone to re- do their vows. It could be the first, 5th, 10th,  or even the Golden 50th Anniversary. Many couples often choose to renew their vows and celebrate their love on their anniversary. Many other people may even choose to renew their vows after a special event in their life ie the birth of their baby or after  getting over something which means a lot to them,a nd so they want to renew their vows to make a big statement of their intentions.

Whatever the reasons, we will be on hand to take your hand through it all – offering you support, advice and a shoulder to lean on, we will make this a special time to remember and a time to review and evaluate the special moments leading to and after the event.


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