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Jewish Wedding Planner-Designer Wedding Planner

jewish wedding

Jewish Wedding Planner | Designer Wedding Planner – The Jewish bride and groom, the culture is oh so important. The wedding day is considered to be one of the most happiest and holiest day in their life and is considered the personal Yom Kippur of the bride and groom.

Mazel Tov – Now there is such a lot to do and lots of the tradition to observe that it is wise to engage the services of an experienced wedding planner. We have helped to organise and provide the wedding and event planning for many Jewish wedding celebrations and parties.

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Our team will assist you in sourcing the ideal wedding venue for your celebrations.

The Ketubah is a Marriage contract set between the bride and groom. There are several ways that the Ketubah could be read and sometimes later in the ceremony  is usually chosen by the bride and groom.

At the start of the Ceremony, a Ketubah is signed in a more intimate space. The Rabbi, Cantor and/or Minister or Priest, the bride and groom, and two witnesses sign the Ketubah in the presence of both sets of parents and selected family and friends.

The wedding ceremony takes place under the Chuppah (canopy), a religious symbol of the home that the new bride and groom will set up together. It is open on all sides,  with a decorated top and side poles – open on all sides to welcome people in unconditional hospitality. The couple decide whether they wish to stay standing under the Chuppah or to have seats. 

Choosing the right Rabbi is also as important as the venue and the ceremony – There are many who can cover the ceremony, but with many brides wanting something a little bit different, mixing the traditional with the modern, our team will help you achieve this and work with the Rabbi in ensuring the day is full of custom and tradition.