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Welcome To Designer Wedding Planner

Congratulations, You’re engaged to the dream love of your life and now you have the daunting task of organising the biggest event you’ll probably ever host…. your wedding.

If you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and just don’t know how you’ll balance planning your wedding with your already busy life, then as a London based creative wedding planner, We are here to help you through.

Well, your wedding day, as we know it, is meant to be one of the most important days in your life – So why do you need a Luxury Wedding Planner? – We see it is as a right of passage into another stage and another era in your life. It must be celebrated with the assurance of leaving you stress-free and reassured as possible.

So why try and do it all yourself? Why not hire an expert to take care of the planning, the laborious tasks of finding the right catering, the best suppliers and the best venues, after all, they are an expert in the field so should know the best in the business. Having a luxury wedding planner in London & UK on board will ensure that your wedding will have luxury, opulence and anything that money can buy available to you for your big day.


Our specialty are our Weddings, from the proposal to the wedding day. We sort everything out so you do not need to.


We cater for Events and Corporate Planning. Our team have worked on Christmas Parties, Charity Galas and conferences.


Need to make something look amazing? Then we specialise in this also. From Styling a baby shower, a photoshoot, a set or a scene we can curate the items together for you.
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