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Bohemian Style Shoot

Bohemian Style Shoot

Bohemian Style Shoot

Creating a Bohemian Style Shoot is very easy to achieve, but not always easy to get quite right.

This starts right from the get-go with the invitations which need to be florals, golds, lace with ribbons and with impactful colours.


Bohemianism is the practice of an unconventional lifestyle, often in the company of like-minded people, with few permanent ties, involving musical, artistic or literary pursuits.

Bohemian weddings are perfect for the bride who wants something romantic, laid-back, ethereal, and non-traditional.

Bohemian Wedding
Bohemian Wedding

The bride’s gown was full lace, well fitted and minimalist yet with a slight train, but ever so beautiful. The long floating lace trimmed veil gave this an elegant look and which was fully captured by the photographer in the fields.

Bohemian Wedding
Bohemian Wedding

The groom finishes off his look with the elegant braces and the casual appearance belies the thoughts behind ‘the look’. His role in this is to show off his gorgeous bride whilst remaining comfortable throughout the whole day.

Bohemians can be wanderers, adventurers, or vagabonds!.

In the context of weddings, this is very big business as many brides want their wedding to be free, easy and at the same time at one with the elements… the trees, the grass and the world in general.

The style is more often woodland nymph or even woodland fairy prince and princess, a bohemian-themed wedding might be just what you’re looking for when choosing your wedding theme.


Boho weddings incorporate an eclectic mix of natural, rustic, and vintage details into the design.

Our selected Boho themed Styled Shoot is delicious and so on point – giving brides ideas on how to ensure their Bohemian wedding is as delectable as can be. So all 2018 brides take note and ensure you use our style guide of ideas.

The creative team behind the style shoot were a group of very talented visionaries coming together to share their expertise in creating this stunning shoot which will give you ideas and thoughts on how to create a similar wedding style.



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