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Latest Wedding Styles

Latest Wedding Styles

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New Trends Of Weddings Styles – In The Hunt Of The Latest Fashion In Weddings

Celebrity weddings are one of the most highly emphasized and publicized weddings in the world, and predictably, the details translate themselves quickly into upcoming wedding trends. Even timeless garments are subjected to fashion changes, color shifts and décor transformation in the year 2014. Unveil the famous fashions that are working their way into celebrity weddings across the country.

Upcoming wedding trends in design and décor

The year 2013 is gone, but the fashion has opened new doors for the year 2014 when it comes to design and décor. There are three elements that are going to rule the new trends of wedding styles in 2014 and they are:

  • Metallic
  • Fusion style
  • Succulents

When the bride and groom have decided on their reception party, they need to decide what they want as a team signature drink, and for this they will have to find a bartender who is familiar with fusion styles or Mixology (the science between mixed drinks and cocktails). Mixology can create a great difference in the drink department, since it opens up new doors to experiments and come up with great signature themed drinks.

Metallic has not only been a huge trend in the fashion recently but has also made its way into the wedding design and decoration for the 2014. The modern bride cannot wait to have a wedding reception without a flare or sparkle anywhere she can. Metallic is great, is lively, brings in more glamour, and bights up the ambience. Gold is what everybody likes and if you can combine it with black-and-white or add a touch of bubblegum pink or cool aqua – it’s mind blowing. Want to ignite a wedding reception? Try Metallic!

Succulents is another element that is making a rave everywhere in the wedding world. From cakes, favors, décor accents to hair accessories, they are everywhere since it easy and wonderful to include them anywhere in the décor and give a texture to a floral design.

Gowns with Sleeves

Although strapless, single shoulder or off shoulder dresses have been on for more than a decade, emerging brides like Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes have resurrected the new trend of gowns with sleeves. Cap sleeves are seen to be the most popular style since it brings a lot of personality and elegance. They barely cover your arms or you can bend them through an off shoulder neck line.


Tall Cakes

Celebrities are scaling Castle Heights when it comes to their wedding cakes. Actress Mariska Hargitay gave a huge lavish 7 foot tall cake reception party that included six tires and a Swarovski monogram topper. Same goes for Donald Trump’s cake which was 5 feet tall.

Lastly, it’s the touch of personal style that goes along with a beautifully crafted wedding. If you and your partner share a common hobby, include them in your décor, because this gives your wedding decoration a more personalized touch.