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Pippa Middleton The Newest Wedding Planner On The Block

Pippa Middleton The Newest Wedding Planner On The Block

Pippa Middleton has her heart set on becoming a wedding planner. It has been disclosed that the younger sister of Catherine The Duchess of Cambridge, has given up the old job she did as a party planner to concentrate on exclusive wedding planning. She was a big hit last year when she helped to plan the royal wedding reception for her sister and brother-in-law – The Prince William.

The evening wedding reception at Clarence House was planned by Pippa as she knew closely what her sister would like and also how to make the best of the occasion. There were special scented candles, specific sweets laid on the tables which delighted Catherine.

Since this has been such a success, why ever wouldn’t Pippa capitalize on this – organising such events as that of the future king and queen really does stand you in good stead for all future clients. Other clients will look at her resume and know that she can do and will be able to pull things off as the needs of affluent brides and grooms can often be seen in their ‘needs’ and ‘wants’ lists for their big day.

Even if Pippa chose to take her business abroad, she would do brilliantly well in USA where they have taken her to their hearts and she would be so welcomed there. There is also a plethora of celebrity ‘royalty’ who she would be able to work with, and as society weddings go, it is the name of the wedding planner that is shared with those with the purse strings and as names are banded about, Pippa would not be phased by any of them as she has already worked with some of the elite already.  As with all wedding planners, it is the last work you did that sells you the next and with Pippa’s track records, she can appear to do no wrong – after all she is the next queen’s junior sister.

Pippa has taken the next steps in not being a one trick pony by also organizing her best friends Camilla Hook and Sam Holland’s  catering for their wedding more recently – which she enjoyed immensely and has since then thought about taking this on more full time and she has been encouraged by her friends telling her this is the right path to take as she did this so well and is so passionate about the attention to detail and getting things just right.   Pippa is said to not be afraid of getting her hands dirty and will often be seen helping with the more mundane tasks related to guests satisfaction and happiness on the big day itself.

Pippa will also be able to use the branding of being a royal wedding planner in her ‘advert’ so potential clients will know that they are being well served and this can cause a rolling effect as more people see her as the ‘go to person’ for all things regal and exclusive in wedding planning to the stars and those with more cash to flash. Pippa could make a profitable business out of this and with her contacts, she would be able to start this business without much start up costs and be able to set up within a matter of months. We wish her well in her new endeavors and suggests she pass any over work she may have to us at designerweddingplanner.com. 




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