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New Trends in Wedding Styles

New Trends in Wedding Styles

New trends of weddings styles

2011 has ushered in many new wedding trends which are bang up to date and oh so trendy. The wedding season is abound with many new trend reported of different wedding styles and designs. It is important to study which of the newer wedding trends are going to take off and which would be a disaster to follow as it can  assist in determining the pattern of wedding fashions and the wedding styles that are going to be in the forefront of the designers and bride for the coming year. Here’s a list of just some of wedding style trends of 2011-2012

Wedding gown trends: As bridal fashion is officially acknowledged as couture fashion now, so bridal wear has become more subtle and intricate as a ruling trend of bridal 2011. Most of the trends of the couture bridal have been an effort to indulge in simplicity and intricacy, all the while keeping the bridal gown silhouette in the conventional way. Another interesting observation of 2011 bridal trends is the conspicuousness of bridal accessories and jewellery like bracelets, headdresses, necklaces, tiaras, and sometimes also bridal clutches. The clutches are cute and simple and can be held along with a bouquet. Brides also have been seen to be looking for colour deviations of white to champagne, antique gold or deep ivory. The preference of corset back wedding dresses is also going to continue in 2011. Almost every designer had a ‘Trumpet” bridal gown in their collection. It is a dramatic, chic shaped couture bridal gown, which is form fitting to just by the knees, then it bellows out into a full pouf ball. It is the shape for brides who want a sexy, curve loving gown which has a fullness which a sheath layer would not give you. This style would be better suited on the taller long legged girls and I would advise the smaller, shorter ladies to stear away and choose another style which would help elongate their length.

trumpet bridal gown

trumpet style wedding dress

The veil: The veil is definitely back for 2011 – brides want the veils and they are certainly  back with a vengence. They are now longer and fuller with lace trimmed edging. Brides are wearing them well and adding this classic feel for fashion. Veils do give the final balance to the your dress – select the stunning one which sets off your dress to a tee, and don’t worry about not being the star attraction on your big day. The bolder the better and the colours do not always have to be white, why not try a different style that adds a final flair to your couture wedding gown.

wedding veilswedding veils

Flowers: People are saying love with flowers. From the presence of floral motifs on the dresses to the wedding décor and the bouquets, flowers are flowing everywhere at the wedding. More importantly, a trend of selecting real flowers over faux flowers at the wedding is also being noticed. Flowers are also being acknowledged as simple and beautiful wedding favour ideas. As always, traditional floral motifs are still a popular option on bridal dresses. Pearls, crystals and rhinestones are continuing to be preference in necklaces and earrings. Besides necklaces and earrings, dress bouquets and hairpins are other bridal jewellery accessories that have not lost their traditional presence in bridal wear.


wedding flowers

wedding bouquet


Special wedding ideas: People are striving to make their wedding as much special as possible. Some are marrying in the rain even (under an umbrella of course) to make their wedding the most inspiring and special. In sync with the special weddings, special themes like the Hawaiian theme, the Indian Wedding theme, eco friendly theme, black and white theme, Gothic theme and many such other themes are becoming popular as wedding ideas. The selection of themes has also resulted in the popularity of wedding inspiration boards and bridal mood boards to ascertain the theme of the wedding. Themed wedding favour gift items are a popular trend this wedding season.

Children’s dresses: With more and more children attending their parent’s weddings : ), the children, as always, are very special wedding guests. The bride and the groom are relying more on the presence of children in the decision making of their mutual lives. The ring bearer and the flower girl are two very special persons on a wedding day. Though the usual dress for the ring bearer being a tuxedo, yet flower girls are preferring fairy wands and fairy wings for their wedding day responsibilities.


childrens wedding dresseschildren's wedding dresses

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