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What “Not” to do when organising your wedding day!

What “Not” to do when organising your wedding day!

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In recent times there have been a lot of television shows where the bride allows the groom to arrange the whole wedding and she sits back and waits to see what her beloved fiancé comes up with. This has led to an increase in grooms organising weddings and a lot of disasters as a result.

For starters, just because the two biggest loves in a man’s life is his wife and his sporting team, doesn’t mean that the sporting team colours or theme should be included in the theme of the wedding. Men should not think that combining their two big loves on the one day will work. It won’t.

Another area where some men have failed is the venue choice. Just because you are offered a venue at a discount price and you think that you can spend the extra pounds elsewhere, like on a new set of golf clubs, doesn’t make the venue a good choice. The venue may look great but take another look; you might end up with a sewerage plant in the background. Not a good result.

Finally, choose a place and a theme that you both have an affinity with and your job will be a lot easier and will be happily received.

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