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Unique ideas for bridal parties

Unique ideas for bridal parties

Bridal Parties is specifically geared for the bride with socializing opening of presents being usual occurrences with these types of parties.  Activities should be constructed that the bride to be will enjoy as well as the party guests.  The bride to be along with the organizers of the party wants it to be unique, personal and fun.  Themes should be chosen with careful consideration going into the prizes award after the games.  Some unique gifts for these parties can be chocolate, candles, gift certificates and jewellery.

When planning this type of party, the overall goal is getting everyone to socialize with introductions and short activities.  One does not want the activities to be long because guests can easily become bored and this would not make the bride to be happy.  Unbelievably, men now want to get into the action of bridal parties and if the party is joined, the planner should include gender-neutral games ensuring all attendees are enjoying themselves.

This type of party has deep traditional roots, which take place before the wedding.  Traditionally, women in the wedding party plan bridal parties for the bride with loads of attention and numerous gifts for the bride.  The gifts can vary ranging in kitchen appliances to naughty lingerie for the brides honeymoon.  There are numerous traditions, which can be displayed at these parties therefore; it would be a great idea for the party planners to gain some insight from the bride to be in what she would enjoy.

These parties can be hosted virtually anywhere.  Traditionally, they are held in the host’s home, restaurants or even churches.  Some party hosts have gone outside the norm and hosted these parties in parks and dance clubs.  Typically, the maid of honour hosts the party but all the bridesmaid can join in while making the party a memorable one that not only the bride to be will enjoy but everyone in attendance.


Tradition dictates that bridal parties can be held in the form of luncheons, dinners, brunches or even cocktail fashion.  Games are played such as trivia, bingo and other creative games with prizes are awarded to the winners.  Door prizes can be given out to guests as they arrive for the festivities.  A great idea for door prizes is for guests to sign in upon entering the chosen establishment and assign them a number.  The bride can choose a number, which can be attached to a guest’s name, and gifts such as wine baskets, flower arrangements can be awarded.

One enjoyed tradition of bridal parties is when the married women will offer advice to the bride to be.  Creative ways can be invented to receive the advice.  Married women could write down their advice while placing it in a basket or they can merely speak openly to the bride to be referencing how to deal with atrocities, patience and marital advice.  One recommendation for this part of the party is to video tape the session.  The smug look on the married women’s face as they give particular words of wisdoms to the embarrassed bride is priceless and something the bride to be will enjoy viewing for years to come.

No mater the games or venue chosen for the bridal parties, the hosts should ensure that the event is fun and memorable.  If the groom shows up to the bridal party, he should be openly accepted if the bride to be is ok with this move but the party should be solely focused on the bride to be even if the groom is present.  Bridal parties are indeed traditional venues but with the creative touch of any host, the parties can include tradition with modern themes as well.  Make the party memorable for the bride because even if the bride to be marries again someday, she will more than likely not have another party such as this so make it one she will always remember.

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