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Do you require an experienced wedding planner for your English Wedding?

You tell us what you want – from a glamorous wedding to elaborate intimate parties, we plan celebrations that are quite memorable.

Our clients are discerning with busy schedules and rely on us to take the lead on every precious detail, planning the luxury wedding or event that surpasses all their expectations and creating events that will have people talking for a long, long time.

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We can plan your English Wedding to perfection by our dedicated team of professional English Wedding Planners.

English Wedding

How do you know we are good at what we do?

Experienced in planning luxury weddings, private parties and all manner of events in London, across the UK as well destination wedding and event planning.

Customers like Designer Wedding Planner.

Based in London, we are one of the best to plan weddings and events in London, as well as further afield.

Known Specialists in planning weddings and events for clients who are based overseas, we are dedicated experts. We are able to plan their events from here in London.

As a result, we gain your confidence and work with you to establish a close working relationship.

Knowing that you require confidentiality, we have the “shhhh” in the business.

Suppliers who work with us are also sworn to secrecy and take your confidence into every account. At the end of the day, it is all about you, and we protect your privacy if that is your requirement.

We are also social media savvy, and ensure you will not hear a peep out of us due to our total professionalism and ability to ensure you are happy with the whole situation. around your celebrations.

Experts in ensuring you have the best day possible.  In addition, we only share the details with your team. Working with them to make sure you are the main focus of all our attention throughout the process.

We do however work with many professional suppliers and we can source items which you have set your heart on, and they will be made available to you.

We at designerwerddingplanner are there to ensure your comfort and reassurance throughout with your English Wedding.

English Weddings
English Weddings

From busy international executives, celebrities, and stylish couples who simply want that oooh ahhh! factor.

Due to our skilled team, we work with a range of wonderful clients and pride ourselves on offering a brilliant service.

You can relax and watch their dream event come through from draft to fact

Finally – we would love to hear from you – Call us on 0208 697 2181