The Royal Wedding today

I really couldn’t sleep for the past few nights – why? you may ask.

I watched the night before the wedding as mother and daughter arrived at the hotel for the night before the wedding and how Meghan coasted her mother so she didn’t stay in the background and was reassured that her daughter would make sure they were both alright.

Was I restless, was I sick, was I having trouble at work??? NO! I was simply excited at the pending wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I even went to bed early so I could wake up in time for the big television coverage which started at 9 am.


From the moment I sat down, I started thinking of Meghan and what she and her mother could be doing at that particular time of the morning.

As a Wedding Planner, you can’t help but think about the processes and the timeline and the schedule of the day and if all was going to plan.

Then before long, we saw the wedding car waiting at the hotel, rea